IYogaYou came out of the fact that we believe Yoga to be one of the most profound ways of showing love for ourselves and fteh world surrounding us. Therefore, I Love You has become I Yoga You. Yoga as a verb because it reminds us of our power of action. Yoga is action; action towards our true essence. Yoga on the collective level can change a whole world, and by believing in it, we have created this experience, where everyone is able to remember who they really are. In remembrance of this force, we seize and finally succeed in accomplishing all that we are really capable of. The true master does not seek followers, he makes room for new masters.   


Natascha Buch, student and practioner of different Yoga styles for almost twenty years. Got her degree in Business Administration, but loves Yoga more than anything. Lived in Hawaii for six years, where she also concluded her first 200 hours Hot Yoga Teacher Training, hosted by Mary Grace and James Onnikian at Maui Hot Yoga. 

Specialized in Hot Yoga, is registered by the Yoga Alliance as E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher). Worked as Yoga Personal Trainer for almost two years, when she founded Hot Yoga Brasil, located in Florianóplis, south of Brazil. Chamak Yoga creator, a yoga flow of 35 postures, which won recognition of the Yoga Alliance.

In 2013, obtained the license to graduate yoga teachers in Brazil and around the globe. After nearly two years offering practices and Yoga Teacher Trainings in her studio, she founded the IYOGAYOU with her mother, Tita Buch. This had one single goal, to turn your own project into something even more complete, diverse and acessible. The IYOGAYOU has kept the title of RYS (Registered Yoga School) given by the Yoga Alliance. Nowadays, Natascha is Teacher Trainer on the IYogaYou Teacher Training, teaches open yoga classes (practice and theory) and participates in special events in Brazil and around the world.

In 2017 concluded a 200 hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Today, as the Teacher Trainer on the IYogaYou Teacher Training, teaches Yoga Philosophy, Teaching Methodology, Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga, Active Meditation and Pranayama. In 2020, concluded an Online Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training at World Peace yoga School, India.

For her, it has always been easy to describe Yoga in a few words: " Yoga is life!"


Tita Buch, Graduate in Psychology and Administration in Human Resources. Worked with individual care for more than 10 years.

Developed group therapeutic projects for teenagers in needy schools and communities.

She concluded her yoga training course in 2014 at Hot Yoga Brasil. Got registered by the Yoga Alliance as E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) and created her own style of Yogatherapy, where mind and body work together to develop well-being and consequently promote a fully happy life.

Adept of Positive Psychology, she developed a Yoga style focused on human improvement through self-knowledge.

In 2015 she founded IYogaYou together with her daughter, Natascha Buch. 

Known as a great motivator, she started an even deeper journey to Yoga. With a simplistic and optimistic style, has always achieved her goals with a lot of dedication and love for what she does.

The Method

Our method has meditation in motion as its central base. Through the harmony between movement and breathing, we can achieve a free flow of energy in the body. The Vinyasa Yoga is the fluid Yoga, where one asana connects to another. We work with impermanence.

You will learn how to develop strength with your own strength, without the aid of any external force. Our sequences act to detoxify the body and balance the energy channels. It is an internal process - from the insideout. Learn to use your body and your mind in your favor. We seek perfection through repetition.

If practiced in heated rooms can increase your flexibility, allow you to work more with less risk of injury, changing your shape and construction with greater ease. The combination of heat, humidity and physical exercise, significantly increases our stamina by increasing oxygen absorption and reducing heart rate. Find your best state; physical, mental and spiritual. A dynamic practice, where balance, focus, intention and strength are combined to a single goal, to promote well-being.

Vinyasa Yoga teaches us to put things in a special and harmonious way. Challenging moments pass unperceived or softly by the experiencer. Vinyasa Yoga teaches us to accept change as a constant, teaching also to maintain stability even during sudden and intense movements. Vinyasa Yoga teaches us to develop creativity and trust in the natural movement of things around us. At the same time that we perceive movement, we remain centered in ourselves, where our true strength lies. Adaptability is the central essence of Vinyasa Yoga. From this technique we learn to completely envelop ourselves in what we do, but at the same time, we do not cling to any circumstance. All of these concepts can be perceived, practiced and mastered through a steady and constant practice.


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