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Our Yoga



You start in the process of Yoga because you do not want to be this type, or that type. You want to be what you have to be in that particular moment. If it is day, you are a day person. If it is night, you are a night person. You become flexible.

First you will work with your body, and then on every aspect of your life.Your physical structure, your psychological structure, and your emotional structure, all become flexible. Everything can be what it has to be, without being bound to be this way or that way.

Yoga is a technique that brings you integration. It is the union with everything. Work while you work. Eat while you eat. Dance while you dance. Not that Yoga says you cannot think. You may think, but only in what you are doing. Your body, your mind and your energy go to the same place. This is Yoga.




Teacher Training

Be a Yoga Instructor registered by the Yoga Alliance!

It's 200 hours of lots of Yoga. We invite you into a safe space to embark on a very personal and transformative journey. Our mission is to provide you with an unique program that allows you to develop your skills in awareness, spirituality, creativity and the power to integrate your true self in today's society. This training course is meant to deepen your understanding and make clear various subtle aspects of Yoga trough vivid experiences. 

All levels are welcome.


Date: Coming soon 

Location: Centro do Ser

Florianópolis/ SC - Brazil

Hour: Monday to Saturday

             (08:00 - 12:30)

Certification: RYT 200 (Yoga Alliance)


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